BlissXO.com is where you can find the web's best samples, freebies and deals in Beauty, Household and Wellness. Unlike other freebie websites, we pride ourselves on finding and posting samples that are blissfully easy for you to redeem.

What kind of samples do you have?

Our site is carefully curated by BlissXO "Sample Angels" who scour the Internet every single day for the best samples. Yes, THE BEST!

We're real people here at BlissXO. We ONLY post deals that we personally believe are of high-value for our members. NO junk offers, scammy links or fake freebies here!

BlissXO has samples for laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, makeup, cosmetics, haircare, lotions, spa, soaps, dental, food, online stores, pet food, restaurants and more!

Past samples have included: Target coupons, Walmart freebies, Gucci samples, Purina One samples, Polo Ralph Lauren samples, Cinnamon freebies, Origins coupons, Diapers.com coupons, Amazon.com deals, Walgreens freebies, Sam's Club freebies, RiteAid coupons, Red Lobster freebies, Godiva freebies, L'Oreal freebies, Arm & Hammer freebies, Friskies freebies, Kotex coupons, IHOP freebies, Pillsbury samples, Starbucks freebies, Gain samples, Cascade samples, Coca Cola freebies, Yankee Candles freebies and dozens of other free online samples.

How much does it cost?

BlissXO is FREE to join! No fees, no calls, just blissfully easy ways to save money.

The samples, freebies and deals we post are usually free too (WE LOVE FREE!) However, sometimes you have to make a purchase in order to get the freebie. For example, for BOGOs you obviously have to buy one to get one free!

How many samples can I redeem?

As many as you want! We recommend all of them!

You can redeem samples by going to BlissXO.com or any of our category pages— Freebies, Samples, or Deals— and clicking on a sample you are interested in.

On the sample’s page, read the brief summary on how to redeem your sample, then click the “CLAIM SAMPLE” button.

This will bring you to a 3rd party site where you can redeem your sample directly from the manufacturer or supplier.

Usually you just have to fill out a short form in order for your sample to be delivered. Each sample is different so the 3rd party supplier, whether it be Walmart, P&G, Tide, L’Oreal, may have different requirements. Some require your address so your sample can be shipped to you, while others may require you to “Like” them on Facebook before you can redeem their sample.

We do not control what information the 3rd party requires or if they are having technical difficulties with their site, but we triple-check to make sure the sample offer is valid when we post it. We always test every sample!

Does BlissXO mail out its own samples?

No, unless explicitly stated.

We are a curated freebie directory, so we aggregate info on the best samples, freebies, giveaways and deals offered by 3rd parties that we find on the web. It is up to you to redeem any offer you're interested in on the 3rd party site.

We want you to go directly to the source to get your sample– straight from the sample manufacturer! You must redeem your sample on the manufacturer’s page, not on BlissXO.com itself.

This is the most effective, direct, and safe way for members to redeem free samples. Unlike other freebie sites, BlissXO doesn’t require you to login or to give us your personal shipping information.

We cannot guarantee you will receive any of the offers that you attempt to redeem as they are made available and fulfilled by third parties. We are not responsible for offers that have expired or are otherwise unavailable. 

On special occasions and through BlissXO emails, BlissXO may offer its own samples to qualified members. This would be specifically stated.

Why should I join BlissXO?

By providing the absolute best freebies and deals for our members, we help families save money, find new coupons that are actually useful, and live happier. If you like saving money in blissfully easy ways, you’ve come to the right spot!

Plus, it’s FREE! That’s right, BlissXO is free to join. You can get BlissXO email updates for the latest and greatest samples that our BlissXO Sample Angels find. (They’re really good.)

Just check your email daily so you can redeem samples while supplies last!  BlissXO Sample Angels don’t charge you any fee for their services. It’s like having your own personal savings shopper!

What’s a Sample Angel?

BlissXO Sample Angels work here at BlissXO.com and make it our personal objective every single day of the week to find the best samples, freebies and deals available for YOU. Yes, even on weekends! We work around the clock and we actually love what we do!

Sample Angels are real people who love saving money and love freebies! We have several members of the team looking for samples every day— we are mothers, fathers, singles, young, old, beauty fanatics, restaurant lovers, you name it. We think this helps us find the very best sampleson the Internet for all types of people!

How can I get alerts about limited-time freebies and samples?

Make sure you’re signed up for BlissXO emails. We have a speedy routine every day here at BlissXO— find sample, post sample, send email alert!

We want our members to access the best samples, but many of them are indeed limited-time only or “while supplies last.”

We highly recommend you check your BilssXO emails every day so you don’t miss out!

Can I get samples on my mobile device?

Yes! You can visit BlissXO on your PC, mobile or tablet device any time. Most samples are mobile-friendly and you can redeem them just as you would on a PC.

We know you’re on-the-go, so when you have a free moment waiting in line at the grocery store or on your way home from an appointment, just use your mobile phone to check out the newest samples at BlissXO.com!

Unfortunately, some samples require you to be on a PC, while others are offered on Facebook on non-mobile friendly pages : (

BlissXO cannot control this since the sample page is controlled by the sample manufacturer. We suggest you be on a PC to redeem all your samples as quickly and easily as possible.

I have a good sample idea or suggestion for BlissXO. Who can I tell?

We love hearing from our members! Our Head Sample Angel, Christy, personally reads all your requests. Want more cleaning samples? Want more restaurant freebies? Just email Christy!

Christy is an amazing couponer, money-saver and lovely human being. She’s our Head Sample Angel and our inspiration. We are blessed to have her, so send her a note!

I can’t redeem my sample, or my sample hasn’t arrived. What do I do?

First thing’s first— is the sample still available? Has it expired? If it’s expired, we’re sorry : ( you missed it. Each sample has its own expiration dates and many manufacturers only have limited supplies so you must hurry!

As mentioned above, BlissXO doesn’t control the pages where you redeem your samples— the sample manufacturers control these pages. Sometimes they experience traffic overload or have a technical issue.

We here at BlissXO hate when that happens and we’re so sorry you have to experience it. Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do. You can let us know by emailing us here.

Additionally, samples may take 8-10 weeks to be delivered by the manufacturer. This is a LONG time! (Booo.) Again, BlissXO unfortunately cannot control this. Please read the sample’s terms and conditions carefully to see how long your sample will take to be delivered.

Are you having an issue with BlissXO?  Let us know and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 
Email us here. Include the following details: what type of device you’re using, a summary of your problem, how we can replicate the issue you’re experiencing, and any links or screenshots that can help diagnose the problem.

How do I unsubscribe from BlissXO emails?

You can unsubscribe from emails by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any BlissXO email. However, this means you don’t be eligible for freebie alerts and limited-time samples and deals.

How do I cancel your membership?

If you want to cancel your free membership and delete your account, please email Christy. Please let her know why you’re canceling or if you wanted to see other kinds of samples. We care a lot about our members, so if there’s anything we can change we’d really like to know.

Should you cancel, you will no longer be eligible BlissXO freebie emails and exclusive free samples and deals from BlissXO partners.